Senayan, Jakarta
22-24 Nov 2024

The Walters

A true phenomenon in the world of indie-pop, The Walters first burst onto the scene in 2014 with "I Love You So" — a self-released smash that quickly brought the Chicago-bred band massive streaming success, all on the strength of their heart-on-sleeve songwriting and harmony-driven sound. After building a global fan base and touring all over the country, The Walters began an indefinite hiatus in 2017, signing off with a crowd-thrilling set at Lollapalooza 2017. Just as they started plotting their return, the band found themselves thrown back into the pop zeitgeist when "I Love You So" exploded on TikTok in 2021, a whirlwind turn of events that's generated more 10 billion global TikTok views to date. Along with reaching platinum status and climbing the charts at Top 40 radio — in addition to surpassing 950 million streams on Spotify (and still growing week after week) and hitting #1 in over seven countries on the Viral 50 — "I Love You So" soon led to The Walters' signing with Warner Records. Their debut release for the label, the six-track EP Try Again marks a major triumph for lead vocalist Luke Olson, lead guitarist Walter Kosner, bassist Danny Wells, and drummer Charles Ekhaus, spotlighting the band's newly sharpened songcraft while retaining their homespun charm. Produced by Ekhaus and spiked with elements of surf-pop, classic 70's sounds and gently inventive alt-rock, Try Again mines inspiration from timeless artists like The Beach Boys, Elliot Smith and Neil Young, expertly preserving the carefree intimacy that makes The Walters so magnetic. Newly based in L.A., The Walters are now gearing up for a debut full length album that fully delivers on their undeniable promise as a musical and creative force.



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