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19 March 2023

An enthusiastic psych rock band from Bali, Rollfast has learned to integrate their music with a contemporary approach. They soon evolved into an extended basement studio jam, exploring a variety of sounds and arrangements. Rollfast progressively creates eclectic materials consisting of eccentric mixtures of krautrock, gamelan, electronic noise, free jazz, and more.

“Despite weaving together a lot of genres and ideas, ‘Garatuba’ never feels like it’s neurotically trying to prove a point. Instead, it’s confident and assured in its approach, the band’s more outré tendencies anchored by an understanding of rock fundamentals. Rollfast have taken a step towards the big leagues with ‘Garatuba’; here’s hoping we won’t have to wait another five years for a follow-up.

Bali band Rollfast upped their game in 2020 with this monster of a psychedelic rock record. As cliché as it is to say, ‘Garatuba’ is more than just an album: it’s a dizzying, genre-be-damned experience that grabs hold of the listener from the moment the band kicks into gear on the title track and until the final notes fade out.” – NME, 2020

“This album is the firth of expression and an alter-reality from the restlessness of the Rollfast trio in these biased condition and poisoned by the socio-cultural environment, modernity engulfed by a populace tourism, bar/night clubs blasting EDM music, Hip-Hop, Rock, Experimental, Jazz, diluted into the dynamic of Gamelan sounds in Banjar and the beats of Funkot & Koplo (Indonesia’s popular dance music
scene) which still is the after party soundtrack, along the roads of Denpasar.” – La Munai Records, 2020

2014 – Self-Titled (EP)
2015 – Lanes Oil, Dream Is Pry (LP) – Trill/Cult Records
2016 – Off! The Twisted! (Single) – DSSTR Records
2017 – Whirlpool (Split EP w/ Sigmun) - Orange Cliff Records/Vanilla Thunder Records
2018 – Skets! Live at Puri Agung Jro Kuta (Live Album)
2020 – Garatuba (LP) – La Munai Records
2021 – Operasi Sensar – La Munai Records
2022 - Pajeromon (Prontaxan Remix) - La Munai Records
2022 - Bally (JAQUES Remix)


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