Senayan, Jakarta
22-24 Nov 2024


Lily Pad
19 March 2023

C3lina is a DJ currently based in Los Angeles. In 2019 she co-founded Gãy, an artist collective credited with pioneering the Vietnamese underground rave scene. After the pandemic, she was able to return to Saigon in 2022 to play Boiler Room, who labeled her a “trance angel”. Though she coincides her sound to be more of a hybrid club, blending influences from the past and the present. She likes to mix hard techno and classic trance from the 90s and early 2000s with percussive Vina house and deconstructed club edits. Her experimental sets are like a rollercoaster usually sitting between 130-160 bpm. Psychogenic is her mixing style. Love is her language. Transcendence is her end game.

Labels / Collectives:
Nhac Gãy

Past Events:
Boiler Room Sài Gòn: Gãy 2022
Paryìa FM at HÖR Berlin 2022



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