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22-24 Nov 2024

Assia Keva

Plainsong Live
19 March 2023

Assia Keva Hamzah, or usually called by the name “Keva” is a 17 year old Pop/R&B Soul singer and songwriter from Bali, Indonesia. She was born on the 15th of October in 2004 and was raised in Bali ever since. She has Indian and Javanese descendents from her Dad’s and pure balinese blood from her mom’s side.

Back in 2018 just by the age of 12 she started her first musical conquest by joining a national TV commercial competition known as The Voice Kids Indonesia Season 3, by god’s will she managed to succeedingly thrive in the competition and won first place. This was her first big step in her long and beautiful journey as a singer. Over time, she kept looking and discovering new music and singers to find her own passions as an artist, which led her to jump into the world of R&B and Soul which she was absolutely drawn to.

She was in a musical Hiatus from the year 2019 till late 2021 due to the pressure she faced from society after winning The Voice Kids in 2018 but has now recovered her mental state immensely and is moving on to her next phase in her singing career, bouncing back stronger than ever with new color and energy. She started off with singing covers on her social platforms and is now writing her musical art pieces, forming her debut EP (produced by Bam George and Kanhaiya) consisting of R&B, Pop, Soul and Blues influences to release soon this year. In 2022 she released her debut single, Goodbye, and received positive feedback from the media and her audience. Her followup singles will be released within this year.


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