Senayan, Jakarta
22-24 Nov 2024


Joyland Stage
18 March 2023

Andien is one of Indonesia's most diverse and respected artists working in the industry today. Her nineteen-year career boasts 7 albums spanning jazz, R&B, soul and pop styles. With a dedicated following among fans and peers, Andien continues to create, inspire, and educate through her music as well as her lifestyle.

Passionate about music since childhood, Andien issued her first album, 'Bisikan Hati' (2000, Elfa Secioria, Producer) at the age of 14. Since her debut, Andien has grown and thrived in the presence of spectators, mentors, and critics, earning numerous awards as well as a reputation for diligence, graciousness, and spirit. Collaborations with local and international musicians, such as Bob James, Jammin’ Zeb, Griffith Frank, and Jeff Lorber, have helped Andien evolve into the artist she is today.


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