When is the best time to arrive?

It is best to come early so you can enjoy all the performances we have lined up.

What time does it end?

Please check our schedule to plan accordingly.

Are there any prohibited items?

Weapons or sharp objects, cigarettes, gas, and commercially bottled or canned drinks are prohibited from our venue.

If I have to exit the venue, can I come back in?

Unfortunately, you may not re-enter once you exit the venue.

Will there be any food? Or can we bring food from outside?

There will be food and beverages that you can enjoy inside the venue. You are prohibited to bring any food or beverages from outside.

Where will the festival take place?

Lapangan Panahan, Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan, Jakarta Selatan.


How much are the tickets?

Check out our ticket prices here.

How can I buy the tickets?

You can purchase your tickets here or on-the-spot at the venue if tickets are still available on event days.

How many tickets can I buy in one transaction?

In accordance with the regulations of ticket purchases on Kiostix.

Will tickets be sold at the venue?

Yes, but only if they are not sold out yet. Thus, we highly recommend to buy them in advance.

What do I have to do after making the payment if I buy my tickets online?

Click here and follow the steps to secure your tickets.


What should I bring to exchange my e-voucher for a wristband?

Bring your printed receipt or e-voucher to our crew at the ticket box in the ticket exchange area.

What is a valid pass to enter the venue?

Only wristbands exchanged at our ticket box are counted as valid passes.

Where and when can I exchange my e-voucher?

Come to the ticket box at the ticket exchange area inside the venue on the event days.

What if I don’t exchange my e-voucher on the designated date?

Please exchange your e-voucher on the designated date because the ticket will no longer be valid if you miss the date.

Can I try or wear my wristband before the event?

Yes, you can wear your wristband once you get them as long as you don’t damage or lose your wristband.

I accidentally damaged my wristband, what should I do?

You will not be able to use your wristband for entry once it is damaged. Please treat your wristband carefully because it is your only entrance pass to the venue. No refunds will be given if your wristband is tampered.

Can I exchange my e-voucher for a wristband on the day of the festival? How can I exchange it?

Yes, you can exchange your receipt into a wristband at the ticket box at the venue.

Someone else accidentally tightened my wristband and I can’t wear it anymore. Can you help?

Please come to the ticketing area for help.

Age Requirement

Is this a festival for all ages?

Yes, it is! Our festival is suitable for all ages, so come along with all your family members. Only attendees ages 12 and above must purchase tickets.


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